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Legal Notice

Media owner and publisher:

Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group Ireland
Registered Address:
Unit 12, Kildare Town Centre, Claregate Street
R51 A027, Kildare
Company registered number: 643229
T + 353 45 531 838

Business managers: Billy Stamp, Garry Thür
Company activity: Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group Ireland is a railway engineering company.

Legal notice:
Rhomberg Sersa Ireland Limited accepts no liability for the completeness, correctness and up-to-datedness of the information provided. All documents published on our website including supporting material (such as photos) are subject to copyright. It is not permitted to use the published material for any purpose (e.g. commercial) other than personal or informative. Rhomberg Sersa Ireland Limited accepts no liability or responsibility for the content of external websites that are linked to our website. We reserve the right to modify content at any time without prior notice.

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Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group
Sersa Group AG (Schweiz)
Rhomberg Bahntechnik
Rhomberg Sersa Deutschland
Bahnbau Wels
Rhomberg Rail Australia
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Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group UK
Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group Ireland
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